Networks Winter School 2023

Psychological Networks Amsterdam Winter School 2023 
January 30 – February 3, 2021

University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Achtergracht129-B
1018 WS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nieuwe Achtergracht129-B

We are excited to announce the 2023 edition of the Psychological Network Analysis Winter School. Join us in beautiful Amsterdam from Jan 30 to Feb 3, and learn all about network analysis in psychology. 

UPDATE: all spots are now filled, and you can no longer sign up for the waiting list.


The winter school consists of 7 lectures taught by leading experts in the field, a workshop on reporting networks, a symposium with applied researchers, as well as guided practical sessions and exercises. It will cover the foundations of network analysis, discuss the most important analysis techniques for cross-sectional and longitudinal data, and introduce novel Bayesian approaches to network analysis.

A preliminary overview of the topics covered

  • Introduction & theoretical foundation of network analysis
  • Causality, conditional dependence, and pairwise Markov random fields 
  • Estimating networks, model selection, stability, comparison, and replicability
  • Network estimation from time series data
  • Advanced network estimation
  • Bayesian analysis of networks
  • Reflections on the network approach
  • Reporting of network analysis

Learning goals

After completing this winter school, you will be able to 1) understand the theoretical foundations behind network modeling, 2) infer network topology and estimate network parameters from different sources of data, 3) analyze the network structure and its stability, 4) reflect on research aims connected to network analysis, and 5) communicate network analysis results in scientific output (journal articles, posters).

Target Audience

This year’s edition will focus on applied aspects of network analyses. Special attention will be paid to integrating the skills acquired in the course with substantive research questions, as well as reporting the results of network analyses in a scientific report. Basic R knowledge is required for this course. 

We encourage participants to bring their own data if available, as there will be dedicated times to work on own projects. Optionally, participants can present their network findings and get feedback from the group on the final day. 


Student price: 700 euro
Non-student price: 800 euro

The price includes participation in all lectures and practical sessions, as well as lunch and social activities throughout the week (drinks and dinner).

Special thanks to everyone involved: Ria Hoekstra, Julian Burger, Tessa Blanken, Denny Borsboom, Lourens Waldorp, Jonas Haslbeck, Karoline Huth, Maarten Marsman, Eiko Fried, Alessandra Mansueto, Myrthe Veenman, René Feichel, Alberto Jover Martinez