Welcome to the renewed website of the Psychosystems lab!

The website now reflects the new arrangement of the Psychosystems group. The Psychosystems combines three lab groups that focus on the theoretical modeling and/or estimation of psychological constructs as systems of interacting components. These components can be symptoms of mental disorders, beliefs and affect states that form attitudes, or cognitive abilities that comprise intelligence.

The group expanded due to three large grants that were awarded to Denny Borsboom, Han van der Maas, and Maarten Marsman. Denny Borsboom received a Vici grant from the Dutch Research Council (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) to develop methodological tools that can assist scientists in theory construction. The core idea of the project is that scientific theories aim to explain robust empirical phenomena, and the process of constructing such explanatory systems can be organized in a coherent methodological framework. Han van der Maas received the Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to investigate cascading transitions in the behavioral and social sciences. The main objective is to understand how cascading transitions work, when they occur, and how they can be predicted, triggered, or prevented. Maarten Marsman was awarded an ERC Starting Grant to develop a new Bayesian framework for the statistical analysis of psychological networks. The main goal is to provide a principled way to deal with the uncertainty associated with any network model and bring it to end users through open-access publications and open-source statistical software. You can read more about each group under Research Groups or on the lab websites.