Four new Ph. D. projects on networks

We are happy to welcome four new Ph.D. researchers into the network community:

  • Marie Deserno will investigate determinants of success and problems in Autism, in the context of a project organized by the Academische Werkplaats Autisme. The project is supervised by Hilde Geurts, Sander Begeer, and Denny Borsboom.
  • Riet van Bork will investigate methodologies suited to distinguish between network and latent variable explanations of symptom covariation. The project is funded partly by a European Commission Career Integration Grant awarded to Mijke Rhemtulla, who will supervise the project together with Denny Borsboom.
  • Jonas Dalege will develop network models for the structure and dynamics of attitudes in a project that involves a collaboration between the Psychological Methods and Social Psychology groups at the University of Amsterdam. The project is supervised by Frenk van Harreveld, Han van der Maas, and Denny Borsboom.
  • Merijn Mestdagh will develop time series models for nonlinear networks that involve large number of variables at the K.U. Leuven in a Ph. D. project awarded by the Flemish Organization for Scientific Research (FWO). The project is supervised by Francis Tuerlinckx and Denny Borsboom.